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D3Riffs Sizing Chart

Measuring for Riffs

Finding the correct size for your new D3Riffs Chaps is simple! Just measure the largest part of your calf and follow the measurements below. If your calf is larger, don’t worry – we have Extenders!
Cowboy Cut
Height: All Cowboy Cut Riffs are 11″ tall from the bend at the top of your foot. Knee Guards will make them taller, see Knee Guard photo chart below.
Slim: Fits 10″ to 14″ calf size
Small: Fits 13 1/2″ to 15 1/2 “ calf size
Medium: Fits 15 1/2” to 18” calf size
High Top
Hight: All High Top Riffs are approximately 15″ tall from the bend at the top of your foot. Knee Guards will make them taller, see Knee Guard photo chart below.
One size only: fits calf width range: max 18″, 19″ to 24″ with Extenders.

Measuring for Removable Knee Guards

Our range of Knee Guard sizes ensures you have the proper protection whether you’re 5’1″ or 6’4″! To make sure you have the correct height, please follow these simple rules to secure your prefect fit. Then you’ll be already to purchase either a 4″, 5″, or 6″ Knee Guard! If you have any questions, please email or call us

  • While seated with shoes on, measure from the bend of your ankle to the top of your knee.
  • This measurement will give you the total height needed.
  • Cowboy Cut subtract 11 from your total height for the Knee Guard height needed.
  • High Top subtract 15 from your total height for the Knee Guard height needed.

For example if would like the Cowboy Cut Riffs and your total height was 16″, the Knee Guard needed would be 5″ (16-11=5).

D3Riffs Chaps And Accessories Fitting Instructions

Think you can’t fit in boots? Now you can, with our Extenders! Visit our Extenders page to learn more.

Here are a few tips on breaking in your new D3Riffs Designer Half Chaps, using and installing your studs to hang jewelry.

Wearing Riffs

Your new Riffs are made of fine leather and designed to fit snugly around the ankle area. At first you may need to do some adjusting while zipping them up. Even though the zipper is in the back, start with the zipper in front or side. Bring the chap up to your ankle area where your leg is the thinnest and start zipper. Zip about an inch, spin the chap and turn the zipper to the back side, adjust center seam to front of shoe, and then PULL THEM DOWN TIGHT AND SNUG over your shoe / boot and finish zipping the chap the rest of the way up in the back. Once you know how to do it, it’s very easy. Your Riffs are designed to stretch and conform to the shape of your leg over time. Always wear your heel straps to pull the chaps down into place properly. Another hint: If you are wearing jeans, fold your jeans over one time before you put your chaps on as this will prevent your jeans from sticking out or bunching up under the chaps. Remember, if you need more room in your Riffs for heavier winter wear or any other reason you can add our Custom Extenders temporarily for added room.

Attaching the included Leather Ankle Straps

– There are several sizes included with your Riffs. Depending on the shoe you are wearing will determine the size. Make sure they fit snug and pull the chaps down over your shoe. You can wear your D3Riffs chaps with any type of shoes. BE CREATIVE !

Attaching optional Knee Guards

– The knee guards come in 3 heights , Please see sizing chart to confirm your size choice. These just simply snap into place on your Riffs. The snaps are industrial strength so they are designed to function a spacific way. VERY IMPORTANT When removing any snaps on your Riffs
(ankle or knee guards) use 2 fingers and place on each side of the snap for even support around the snap head and unsnap. This will help release the snap properly.

Attaching optional Jewelry Studs

– There are 6 that come in each package and 2 different hex wrenches. The wrenches are used to tighten the stud easily. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the stud but make sure they are secure. The studs are designed to fit very snug through the grommet holes. They “snap in” at times, this is normal. When removing the stud from the grommet hole, unscrew the stud only half way and push the back of the stud out using the front portion as your pushing rod, then unscrew the rest of the way and detach.

Attaching optional Jewelry

– Just clip your Jewelry to the studs, it’s that simple.

Riff Care Instructions

We recommend treating your Riffs like any other quality leather product. Clean and condition them with quality leather products and they will last a very long time. The leather is naturally water resistant, you may also use a waterproofing product for added protection. Please test all products in a small area, some could darken the color of your Riffs.

If your Riffs are wet, remove knee guards and any jewelry. Wipe dry with a soft towel, fold them gently in half (do not flatten the front seam completly, just let it relax) and reform or smooth out the ankle area to its original form to dry this will help maintain a snug fit. Knee Guards should always be removed and placed flat to dry. When your Riffs are completely dried you can store flat as discussed below

Jewelry Care – Care for the jewelry is important. When storing, detach all pieces from each other, straighten out the piece and hook the end lobster claws together. This helps prevent tangling and damage. Store in velvet care case.

Storing Riffs

Store your Riffs flat when ever possible. Disconnect the Knee Guards and lay them flat also. Never store with jewelry attached, it could damage the leather.
For longer storage: Condition and clean your Riffs. Please do not place in plastic bags, its best if you just lay them on a shelf inside till next riding season.

Your satisfaction is very important to us!

If you have any questions, please email or call us. Please note, due to the form fitting nature of the chaps, refunds are only given with in 30 days of purchase only if the product is not used.