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Cowboy Cut Riffs – Kodiak Half Chaps


The Cowboy Cut Riffs were developed to look just like a cowboy boot when worn over any shoe. Style you can use for riding protection or just a fun night out on the town, they are so comfortable you wont want to take them off. Our design is completely different then any other half chaps, boot wraps or spats you will find. Riffs take perfect form over any shoe or boot with the leather extending all the way down around your shoe preventing any debris, water or wind from riding up your leg keeping you warm and dry. Extremely durable, this solid 5.5oz Steerhide offers protection from engine heat and those nasty burns. Easy on / off comfort that stores easily in your side bags. Included with every pair of Cowboy Cut Riffs are 3 different sizes of leather snap in shoe straps for added riding protection and comfort.

Our Kodiak Riffs: The Nubuck – buffed leather finish of this sandy brown half chap has a very rugged look. Taking on wear, this leather patinas changing to a mix of darker colors and scaring through time. Made with a beautiful Top Grain solid 5.5 oz Steerhide from the USA. Strong, protective, durable and very comfortable while maintaining color and shape through the years. * See the “About” section to learn more about our leather quality

Size range:

Slim: fits 10″-14″ calf size
Small: fits 13.5″-15.5″ calf size
Medium: fits 15.5″-18″ calf size, 19″-24″ with Extenders
Our Extenders makes it possible for anyone to fit in d3Riffs. The 1″ and 2″ extenders simply zip into the back of your Riffs and can be daisy-chained to accommodate any size calf up to an additional 6″.
Size Chart

Make your Riffs Unique

Customize them in your own unique way with our Removable Knee Guards, Cowboy Up Kit, or just a simple pair of Conchos.

d3Riffs “Buy It and Try It” Guarantee

We are so confident you will absolutely love your new Riffs and the quality workmanship, we give you 30 days to Buy it and try it! Simple!
(See our Terms and Conditions for details.)

Terms /Delivery on Back Orders

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