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Chap Extenders – Anyone Fits in D3Riffs


Do you need plus size boots or chaps? Do you have leg injuries or disabilities which may cause swelling in one leg causing it be larger then the other? Wear an extender on just the leg that needs to be a bit larger. D3Riffs Chap Extenders allows a perfect custom fit no matter your calf size. You can add up to 6 additional inches to our half chaps.
Custom designed specifically for d3Riffs and made with the same quality 5.5 oz leather as our half chaps they simply zip into the back of the Riffs, daisy chain them together if needed and still maintain the unique custom cut shape. Carry a pair with you to fit your Riffs over heavier riding gear. Mix and match the colors for a unique look. PLEASE NOTE: Our Extenders are made custom, spacifically for our Riffs. They are not compatible with any other Brands of chaps.

1” chap extenders
2” chap extenders


Price includes:

FULL SET of 2 extenders

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