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Our Mission

D3Riffs is proudly a 100% “Made in America” company which designs and manufactures the highest quality, top grain leather products for the motorcycle, equestrian and hunting communities. We continually strive to deliver innovative, customizable products keeping quality, integrity, and customer service our top priority.

We believe in old fashioned quality – It starts with our leather which is a proprietary tanning process which allows our leather to be very strong and durable yet soft and comfortable -and 100% from the USA. All our products are individually hand sewn by seasoned leather craftsmen. Through our customers’ feedback the designs continue to evolve. We are proud to commit to 100% customer satisfaction by providing a personalized shopping experience as well as giving back by supporting our communities through charitable donations and events. All of us at D3Riffs are committed to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction from day one.

Our founder, Tamara

Meet Tamara

Hello, my name is Tamara, creator of D3Riffs Designer Chaps and Accessories. I would personally like to welcome you to our family of creative minds.

Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it’s almost a given that I ride a motorcycle being surrounded by Harley Davidson. In August, 2013 I was excited to attend Harley Davidson’s 110th Anniversary. I decided to do something special to a basic pair of half chaps I owned and wear them out. I spent numerous evenings trying to figure out a way to make them different and succeeded I guess you could say, I could not walk 5 feet without someone inquiring where I got them. I thought they were unique, but the response I received was overwhelming. A light went on and I discovered there really was not a market on unique Half Chaps but the style chap I was wearing was a stiff tube of leather, uncomfortable and didn’t fit very well. I took months sewing in my kitchen, cutting apart old boots to figure out a NEW design that would be comfortable, durable and fit just like a boot. I am a true believer in quality! If your going to do something do it 110% or not at all I always tell my children so I put my heart and soul into our products. After a year of searching out the best leather tannery and sewing craftsmen in the country, designing and patenting our product, my children and I launched D3Riffs Designer Chaps, a hand made, high quality product that we can all make uniquely our own with removable and interchangeable accessories. We are also very proud to say D3Riffs is completely 100% Made in America !

Have Fun, Be Creative, Customize, and Be You with D3Riffs Designer Chaps!

I would like to give a VERY heartfelt “Thank You” to my amazing friends, creative side kicks, and my incredible family (especially my two Diamonds, my children, Jacob and Erin) who have supported, helped, and encouraged me through this long, crazy journey. Without all of you, this would have been just an unfulfilled dream!