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D3Riffs Designer Half Chaps – Gaiters – Spats

For Men and Women
100% Made in the USA

Buy it and Try it for 30 days
Black Leather Half Chaps, Brown Leather Half Chaps, Light Brown Leather Half Chaps over Cowboy Boots

Great fit for every calf size
Easy to put on over boots or shoes
Durable protection
Customize in a hundred ways

d3 Riffs are designed to offer protection, fit and comfort like no other half chap, spats, gaiters, or leather boot wraps on the market. The beautiful quality of leather, the patented design that lets you customize, and the high standard of workmanship are what set our Riffs apart from any other riding half chap.

Hand crafted with USA Top Grain steer hide milled to a strong, yet beautiful and supple 5.5 oz leather, Riffs break in like an old baseball glove. The ultimate riding gear offering comfort and perfect fit with no uncomfortable binding, all while protecting you from engine heat, wind, rain and debris… and they look pretty darn cool too!

Customize your Riffs to fit your size, height, and your own unique personality with our interchangeable accessories such as our Calf Extenders, Removable Custom Knee Guards, Cowboy Up Kits, Zipper Fringe, Boot Jewelry and a whole assortment of Conchos to choose from. Be creative, be totally you!

Nothing beats 100% American
hand-made quality leather products.

Buy it & try it for 30 days,
Money-back guarantee if you’re not in love with your Riffs!

Buy it and Try it for 30 days

“I love to be unique! I wanted something different to wear when riding or just out on the town that was classic yet functional but most of all comfortable. I created my first set of half chaps now called Riffs by cutting apart boots I bought at the thrift store and sewing a pattern that would look and fit like a boot not just an unfitted tube of hard leather wrapped around my leg. When people kept asking where they could get a pair of half-chaps like mine, I knew this may be an exciting opportunity for myself and my children to create something special for people and fulfill a dream of having a family business and working together.
I’m proud to say, we’ve worked hard over the past few years creating and patenting the most flexible designs and options to fit all types and sizes of people, working with our tannery to create the most durable yet comfortable top quality leathers in the USA, and to build a business focused on 100% customer service and satisfaction. We’ve had a ton of fun coming up with new style variations and getting great ideas from the people we’ve met traveling across the country. I would like to sincerely thank my children for all their support and hard work, also all of our “Riffters” for their creative ideas and input. You all are what makes this adventure fun!  Check back with us often, because we are always creating something new for your D3Riffs!”


Creator, D3Riffs